Honorable President GIKI Alumni Association Barrister Eng. Habil Ahmed Khan participated in GIKI Reunion Event on especial invitation from Rector GIKI. He was given exclusive protocol upon arrival to GIKI from entry gate till Guest House.

Honorable President GIKIAA along with his team had a short meeting with Rector GIKI and Health Minister KPK Temur Khan Jhagra.

After refreshment all of them proceeded towards Auditorium as per program.

The Rector, Honorable President GIKIAA and Health Minister KPK addressed to the audience and shared their views.

Honorable President GIKIAA presented a short history of the alumni association and briefly described the activities of incumbent EC under his supervision. The audience along with Rector GIKI showed their trust and appreciation through clapping  for the initiatives and achievements of incumbent GIKIAA EC in very short time.

Later Rector GIKI invited all guests to Lunch at the Hall. After Lunch, Honorable President GIKIAA and Rector GIKI visited stalls along with their teams at Fun Fair Area.

The stall of GIKI Alumni Association for GIKI Souvenirs was given specially attention by the Rector and other alumni visiting reunion. The Rector admired the initiative of GIKI Souvenirs by GIKIAA and suggested to keep the good of the souvenirs and make it as a GIKI brand. Honorable President told him that he has given special instructions to VP Merchandise to present top quality products and never to compromise on the quality.

Alumni visiting reunion showed special interest in GIKI souvenirs at GIKIAA stall and highly appreciated this initiative.

At the end of the program Honorable President GIKIAA was surrounded by several GIKI students and asked random questions.  Honorable President GIKIAA answered them one by one and also advised the students to keep up the vision, get the goals and be the part of GIKI Alumni Association in future to serve GIKI and its alumni.

Rector GIKI payed special thanks to the Honorable President GIKIAA and his team for their support and visit to the GIKI Reunion event and making it successful.


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