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Behind the scenes

The story

Get to know the uplifting and incredible story behind the TCF GIKIAA school project. A living proof of when communities come together to solve societal problems.

  • AUG 26, 2017

    MoU Signed between GIKIAA and TCF
  • July 2018

    Construction started, GIKIAA team visited site. (Watch video)

  • Dec 2018

    Initial classes started
  • Aug 2019

    Construction and fund raising completed with 3 yrs operational expenses
  • Nov 2019

    74 students enrolled + 1 TCF graduate scholarship to GIKI (3 yrs)
  • July 2020

    19 TCF alumni studying at GIKI

More details

A TCF success story

View the GIKIAA TCF School Progress Report 2019 from here

Project leads

Soban Jalil (B2)

Masood Siddiqi (B2)

Irfan Nazir (B2)

We thank all our donors without whom this project would not have taken place.

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