How to register with PEC

As soon as a student completes their engineering degree it’s considered their duty to apply for Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

PEC registration is mandatory to be recognized as a professional engineer in Pakistan.


Detailed walkthrough

The PEC registration application is completely online and requires only scans of original documents. Ensure you have all the following documents to complete your registration:


Visit the PEC registration portal on the given link

Click on “Create an Online Account” and fill the relevant fields.
Once the profile is created you will be asked to fill in details and attach relevant documents in each tab. This includes Basic Info, Mailing and Domicile Details, Qualification Details, Attachment Details, Challan Details.
Once all the information is filled the application is submitted and reviewed. On the completion of the process a Unique PEC Number would be granted to the applicant. Moreover a PEC card would be dispatched by PEC at the applicant mailing address

Important Instructions to consider while applying

• All the attachments should be in JPEG/JPG format and file size must not exceed 1 MB and is not recommended to be lower than 250Kb.

• Important thing to consider here however that is while the scan is within the given file size range, the pic resolution should also be resized to that of “Fit to Screen”.

• In case any document comprises of more than one page you should attach the remaining pages in “Extra Attachments” with comments.

• A file once uploaded in “Extra Attachment” cannot be deleted so in case you need to replace what you have already uploaded, you should upload the new file with the comments indicating the final upload.

• For first time applicant there is no fee associated with application so no Challan fee needs to be submitted.

• It is recommended to read the instruction on this link for further clarification before applying

• In case you face any technical issue during the application you can file a complaint at


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