Class of 2020 survey

The class of 2020 survey is the bedrock of the association. Every graduate has to go through the Alumni Survey if they want to be associated with the organization.

The survey makes it possible to bridge 6100+ alumni from 70+ countries.

Survey's filled
350/457 77%
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Get your own alumni email

GIKI Alumni Association is providing every fresh graduate their own Alumni emails with the  domain. What benefits do you get for signing up for this? Find out below.

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Get 3,800 free Coursera

Coursera has partnered with the GIKI Alumni Association to offer members with the “” email domain free access to enroll in their full courses until 30th September, 2020.

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Why fill the survey?

We respectfully use the data that our alumni provide to enable community action. We do this by focusing on three key areas:


Directing our alumni to our moderated groups and events around the world, where they can reconnect with friends, share important information and provide professional opportunities.


Keeping survey participants and peers updated of alumni and GIKIAA activities via a monthly newsletter that contains highlights achievements, news articles, webinars, job postings, startups and podcasts.


Providing opportunities for the alumni of all backgrounds, ages and gender to expend their experience and resources to create a real impact at the larger society around them.

It only takes 3-mins

A survey designed to respect your time. You don’t need to remember your registration number either, we’ve got that covered.

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The Team

Survey team

  • Muhammad Bilal –
  • Muhammad Danish –
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Word from marketing

Glad to see you here. My team of point-of-contacts and I are managing the Alumni Survey for 2019-2020.

I am a strong advocate of data privacy protection and security, which is why I take this job seriously. We use a set of security measures like data access restrictions and protocols to prevent misuse of data. Even my team have restrictions to the data. 

By opting to fill the survey, you are enabling GIKIAA to genuinely create a lot of good. I recommend that you also check the newsletter, mentorship program and the resume-review on the website. You can reach out to me on my email,

Rayyan Zahid (B24)

Vp Marketing, GIKIAA

FAQs: Alumni Survey

There are multiple reasons why you can't find your name.

Data migration, human error or incorrect entry may be some of those reasons. Follow the steps in the following order to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check whether you are in the correct batch and faculty section of the survey. Masters and PhD students have their own section. If you are a Master and PhD student but completed your undergraduate from GIKI, then please check your undergraduate batch first.
  2. In your faculty section verify if the name exists but with the wrong registration number, wrong name exists with your registration number or a different name spelling exists with your registration number. If found contact and notify
  3. If none of the above solutions work then fill the alternative survey form:

Only GIKI-AA Executive team and coordinator of the survey and survey designers have access to the master data file. Point-of-contacts of a particular batch have access to only their appointed batch’s data. All data files have an organizational access restriction.

All personal and sensitive data, such as emails, phone number, etc, stored in the master file is private. Future programs may contain enlisting information that is already public such as LinkedIn profiles in an access restricted file.

All data is either used to communicate important updates from GIKI-AA to the Alumni in the form of a newsletter or announcement email or calculate useful statistics to communicate the Alumni’s presence.

The position to lead the survey opens every year. Stay tuned through the newsletter. Make sure you have an updated profile with the correct contact details through the survey.

You can contact to share ideas.

How to Contact us

Fill the contact form

Or send us a text or email at +92 311 044 5422​,