Muhammad Taziem Uddin (EE, Batch 26) – Proudly scored a >3.5 GPA in his 4th semester.

YES, it’s possible for every single one of you to be a part of the Dean’s Honor List (DHL)! This blog post is not for the “thetas” of GIKI. It is for all those who think it is impossible to get be a DHL recipient at GIKI. Most people give up without even giving it a fair shot. And it’s not a surprise, there is a valid notion that scoring a good GPA is difficult in GIKI.

And I am no exception to this. I scored a 2.00 GPA in my 3rd semester. Devastated and shaken to my core, I vowed to make a difference. I ultimately managed to score a 3.51 in my 4th semester. And in that process I noted down everything I learned to get to that point.

Now that it’s been 2 years since I graduated, I am publicly sharing these tips to my juniors. So, let’s get into it.

1. Aim for an ‘A’ grade in every course

No matter what other people say about a course, you need to believe that it’s possible to score an ‘A’ grade in it. If you aim for it, you’ll most probably end up somewhere close to it. It’s a psychological game.

2. Don’t let yourself fall below a ‘B+’

A ‘B+’ grade means 3.33/4.00. Since it pulls you below the 3.50 mark, it’s the worst grade you can get.

3. Never miss a class unless it is absolutely necessary

If you miss a class, make sure you find a friend who can explain to you the missed content. This needs to be pro-actively pursued; otherwise, you will have no idea what’s going on in the next class.

4. Make your own notes in every lecture

This is crucial. You’ll always be better able to relate to notes that you’ve made by yourself. Make short points so that you can remember during revision anything important that the instructor might have said in class.

5. Listen carefully to the instructor in every lecture

Instructors are most likely to prepare quizzes from the contents they cover during classes. If you’ve done this step correctly, more than half of your quiz preparation is already done!

6. Always go over the questions that the instructor solves with you in class

There are high chances that the same questions will appear in your quizzes with a few words or numbers shifted here and there.

7. Interact with your instructor

Ask questions during lectures when you don’t understand something, even if it sounds like a stupid question in your head. It is every student’s right. You’re literally paying for this. Direct communication also keeps you awake in lectures and is the best way to clear concepts.

8. Never leave an assignment

Never forget to submit assignments. These are free absolute marks, and every mark counts towards your ‘A’ grade and ultimately your GPA.

9. Take all your quizzes seriously

If you’ve studied for all the quizzes, then you’re ready for the midterm and final exams already. You’re only left with revision. Good quiz and midterm marks also mean strong pre-finals.

10. Recheck every quiz/midterm

There are always chances that a TA didn’t check your exam properly. Go and get your marks increased!
The 1-2% of marks gained can help you cross a GPA threshold.

11. Be confident

Embrace yourself. Believe that you’re no less than anyone else in class. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take yourself to the point where people will look at you and call you “theta/theeti”.

12. Be independent

Don’t depend on anyone else to do your work for you. Waiting will make you slow. It will also affect your consistency. So go ahead and finish your lab tasks and assignments as soon as you can. Even if it means you’re going to finish it before your friends. Be the person that people look for in their emergencies.

13. Don’t procrastinate

You already know what happens when work piles up in GIKI. So, if there’s anything that needs to be done and you’re sitting idle, do it now! Don’t leave it for later.

14. Prioritize academics over societies

Yes, societies are important and will help you get a gist of the real life experiences that you’ll face later in your professional life. Yes, societies will help you answer a lot of the questions that you’ll be asked in your job interviews. But if your GPA is low, you’re not going to be able to get to those interviews in the first place! Be honest with your society heads and tell them when you have other commitments.

15. Stay in good company

Your company matters A LOT. Stay around people whom you can discuss your courses with. Revise lectures and study for quizzes together. Discussion clears up concepts for everyone involved.
It is not necessary that your company have people with higher GPA, but be weary.

16. Don’t let your good pre-finals or low GPA extinguish the fire inside you

You’re halfway there. The final exam is the final nail in the coffin. You’re already prepared for it. Just nail it!

To conclude, each of the following steps leads to the next step automatically:

You’ve attended maximum lectures,

And you’ve listened to the instructor carefully,

You’ve prepared for each individual quiz,

And you’ve prepared for the midterm,

You’ve secured good pre-finals,

And you’ve aced your finals,

You’ve scored a DHL.

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