A vibrant professional community of GIKI alumni.

To mobilize and energize the GIKI Alumni network to create value for GIKI and its Alumni.

Core Values

1.       Focus on creating an active and value-generating network of Alumni.

2.        Promote the spirit of volunteerism and generosity.

3.        Practice high ethical and professional standards.


Alumni Network

1.       Organize GIKI AA communities locally and globally to drive engagement, networking, funding and mentoring activities.

2.       Create an engaging online social media presence of GIKI-AA

GIKI Students

3.       Start a strong donation collection drive from the alumni across the world to expand the scope of GIKI Alumni Scholarship fund.

4.       Provide career counseling, professional training opportunities, and mentoring to GIKI students.

5.       Set up mechanism for Alumni to assist GIKI students with internships, senior design projects, and jobs.

GIK Institute

6.       Establish interface with SOPREST and GIKI Board of Governors, to encourage Alumni to play a positive role in supporting GIKI.

7.       Establish an endowment fund for GIKI.

Academic Programs and Quality

8.       Leverage the expertise within GIKI Alumni Network to provide advice, assistance and opportunities to improve academic programs at GIKI.

Short-term Targets

1.       Start a strong donation drive for remaining 50 deserving students who could not get a scholarship this year due to shortage of funds in 2019. Complete drive by Dec 2019.

2.       Activate student counselling program and have first session with students by Dec 2019.

3.       Establish endowment fund by Mar 2020.

4.       Fully activate online social media platform for Alumni by Jun 2020.

5.       Work with faculties to incorporate alumni in their curriculum review and quality assurance committees. Have representatives in at least 3 faculties by Jun 2020.

6.       Activate at least 10 chapters by Dec 2020.

7.        Develop a mechanism for regular engagement with SOPREST and GIKI Board of Governors by Jan 2021.