To make GIKI-AA a professionally managed, proactive body, actively engaged with concerned organizations/entities locally and internationally while remaining relevant to national matters, to generate value for GIKI, its alumni and its students.

Alumni Network

1. To strengthen and formalize the structure of chapters around the world to promote better integration, support and growth of alumni.
2. Organize and maintain GIKI AA communities locally and globally to drive engagement, networking, funding and professional development activities.
3. Enable networking opportunities for the GIKI Alumni online and offline.
4. Build and maintain channels that highlight news and achievements of the Alumni (social
media, website, newsletter and a magazine)
5. Assist professional development through learning sessions.
6. Make a GIKI Business Council of successful Alumni entrepreneurs, businessmen and C level professionals to work with and assist the Government in policy formulation for betterment of Pakistan.
7. Start publishing a quarterly magazine (similar to the HBR) to the benefit of the GIKI, GIKI-AA, alumni, students and Pakistan at large.

GIKI Students

1. Make the Endowment Fund operational.
2. Establish channels for seamless and swift donations through banking, telecom and IT sectors.
3. Start a strong donation collection drive from the alumni across the world to expand the scope of GIKI Alumni Scholarship fund/Endowment Fund.
4. Provide career counseling, professional training opportunities, and mentoring to students.
5. Set up a mechanism for the Alumni to assist GIKI students with internships, senior design
projects, and jobs.
6. Facilitate industry sponsored research projects for GIKI
7. Host national leaders for professional growth thought provoking sessions providing insight to current market challenges and their solutions.

GIK Institute

1. Establish interface with SOPREST and GIKI Board of Governors, to encourage Alumni to play an active role in supporting GIKI.
2. Establish an endowment fund for GIKI-AA.
3. To help attract faculty from Alumni.
4. To assist in Executive Education Courses.
5. To have GIKI host trainings for private and public entities.

Academic Programs and Quality

1. Leverage the expertise within GIKI Alumni Network to provide advice, assistance and opportunities to improve academic programs at GIKI.

Corporate Advisory Council

1. Establish a Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) to assist GIKIAA and GIKI in furthering the above stated objectives.

Outside world

1. Establish a strong showcasing of the strength of our Alumni community to the outside world,
2. Engage the diplomatic community and political leadership of the Country to look for opportunities to further the objectives outlined herein