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mentorship program

GIKIAA, in partnership with Batch 9 Alumni have launched a trial program to mentor 12 GIKians (class of 2016 and onwards) for 3-months. Learnings from this program will be used to create GIKIAA’s mentorship program for all the alumni and students of GIKI. Applications are now open.

The beginner's mind

The  “beginner’s mind.” refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

The GIKIAA mentorship program encourages all protégé’s to apply with the attitude of a beginner’s mind.

Key dates

Meet your mentors

The Project Leads

Ali Hasan Butt – Batch 9

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Rayyan Zahid – Batch 24

FAQs: Mentorship program

A resourceful, well-connected supporter; an expert source of coveted information; a wise advisor. And more importantly, someone who believes in his or her mentee/protege.

The one being mentored.

For multiple years, different groups within the GIKI Alumni have tried making a mentorship program.

Due to lack of resources and accessibility to different groups of alumni, the mentorship programs didn't succeed.

Batch 9 has volunteered to run a trial program for 3 months with GIKIAA to create what would eventually become a fully scalable and sustainable mentorship program. The mentorship program will evolve to accommodate mentorship between different groups, such as, late career alumni-early career alumni, alumni-students, reverse mentoring, etc.

As of now, only 12 mentees and mentors will be accepted for the trial.


  1. Pre-screening questionnaire: Applicants will start their application by self-reflecting and answering a set of questions. The answers will have an impact on whether the applicant will receive the second step questionnaire.
  2. Detailed form: The applicant will fill in important details about themselves and their personal life that will help mentors find their candidate.
  3. Selection: The mentees will be selected by the mentors and will be mailed accordingly.

    Due to volume of applicants, many applicants will not be selected in the pilot. However, everyone is encouraged to apply since different mentors are looking for different mentees.

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