Nominations for the President

Barrister Eng. Habil Ahmed Khan (Batch 14)

Detailed Profile

Habil Ahmed Khan is CEO Welt Konnect Pvt Ltd & Director Operations Transtech Group, managing a portfolio comprising engineering and development of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Projects.

With an Engineering Degree from GIKI with specialization in Simulation Modelling, an LLB Hons (QLD) degree from the University of London (UoL) with specialization in Corporate and EU Law, Bar-at-Law from BPP London and the Honorable Society of Lincolns Inn; of which He is an Esq. member since 2014, executive education courses; Anti-Fragility Master Class from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Inspiring Entrepreneurial Strategy in Times of Crises from Harvard Business School (HBS), with over a decade of experience in development of Infrastructure / Power Projects in different countries, Habil Ahmed Khan is uniquely equipped to excel as part of the global fraternity of Project Developers.

He has worked as an Honorary Expert with Federal Entities and NEPRA to review and critique development plans and policies of Pakistan. He represented Pakistan in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the US State Department in 2020. He holds the distinct honor of being one of the youngest Chairs at the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Cambridge, UK in 2016. He has been a technical member of FGW Germany for standardization of decentralized energies (for legislative purposes) since 2018, served as Vice President German Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Islamabad (GPCCI) in 2016 and is also a coveted member of the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) of NUST since 2010. He is a founding member of the Islamabad Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and has served as its President. He has also served as Vice President Endowment Fund and Industrial Engagement for the GIKI Alumni Association. As an advocate of the High Court he is entitled to appear, act and plead before any Court or Tribunal in Pakistan.

He has been actively engaged in development of Renewable Energy projects and has been one of the pioneers in establishing Wind and Solar PV power projects in Pakistan.

Vice President – GIKI Alumni Association:

As Vice President Endowment Fund and Industrial Engagement of GIKI-Alumni Association he reviewed and updated the Articles of Association (AoA), Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Vision Mission And Goals (VMG) reflecting the current structure and requirements incumbent upon the Association. He also laid down the foundation of the Endowment Fund articulating its constitution; envisaging its modus operandi, management structure and goals. The works were duly reviewed and adopted by the EC followed by the General Body.

Furthermore he played a pivotal role in establishing communication between GIKI and Dawood Global Foundation – LadiesFund which culminated in execution of an MoU earlier this year to support R&D, promotion of industrial collaboration on avenues of mutual interest, award of scholarships for deserving Female Students leading to job placement as Wind & Solar Power Projects, internships for 3rd year students followed by Alumni job placement and collaboration between the Buraaq Center and GIKI incubation center providing access to the facilities in Karachi in case of a joint cohort.

He has also actively engaged the diplomatic corps in Islamabad presenting to them the activities of the GIKI-Alumni Association seeking possibilities and avenues of mutual interest for cooperation between GIKI and other leading institutes globally.



To make GIKI-AA a professionally managed, proactive body, actively engaged with concerned organizations/entities locally and internationally while remaining relevant to national matters, to generate value for GIKI, its alumni and its students.

Alumni Network

1. To strengthen and formalize the structure of chapters around the world to promote better integration, support and growth of alumni.
2. Organize and maintain GIKI AA communities locally and globally to drive engagement, networking, funding and professional development activities.
3. Enable networking opportunities for the GIKI Alumni online and offline.
4. Build and maintain channels that highlight news and achievements of the Alumni (social
media, website, newsletter and a magazine)
5. Assist professional development through learning sessions.
6. Make a GIKI Business Council of successful Alumni entrepreneurs, businessmen and C level professionals to work with and assist the Government in policy formulation for betterment of Pakistan.
7. Start publishing a quarterly magazine (similar to the HBR) to the benefit of the GIKI, GIKI-AA, alumni, students and Pakistan at large.

GIKI Students

1. Make the Endowment Fund operational.
2. Establish channels for seamless and swift donations through banking, telecom and IT sectors.
3. Start a strong donation collection drive from the alumni across the world to expand the scope of GIKI Alumni Scholarship fund/Endowment Fund.
4. Provide career counseling, professional training opportunities, and mentoring to students.
5. Set up a mechanism for the Alumni to assist GIKI students with internships, senior design
projects, and jobs.
6. Facilitate industry sponsored research projects for GIKI
7. Host national leaders for professional growth thought provoking sessions providing insight to current market challenges and their solutions.

GIK Institute

1. Establish interface with SOPREST and GIKI Board of Governors, to encourage Alumni to play an active role in supporting GIKI.
2. Establish an endowment fund for GIKI-AA.
3. To help attract faculty from Alumni.
4. To assist in Executive Education Courses.
5. To have GIKI host trainings for private and public entities.

Academic Programs and Quality

1. Leverage the expertise within GIKI Alumni Network to provide advice, assistance and opportunities to improve academic programs at GIKI.

Corporate Advisory Council

1. Establish a Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) to assist GIKIAA and GIKI in furthering the above stated objectives.

Outside world

1. Establish a strong showcasing of the strength of our Alumni community to the outside world,
2. Engage the diplomatic community and political leadership of the Country to look for opportunities to further the objectives outlined herein

Nominations for the Treasurer

Muhammad Azhar khan (Batch 15)

Detailed Profile
Currently working as Expert RF engineee at Ericsson with 12 years of experience in the same field.

Would like to serve GIKIAA with full of sincerity & whole heartedly

Nominations for the Secretary

Muhammad Saad Awan (Batch 23)

Detailed Profile

Currently working in the Software field with almost 5 years of experience.

I would like to serve the Alumni community and increase inter batch interaction.

Fahad Qaseem Khawar (Batch 26)

Detailed Profile

I was a fan of movies and really liked the idea that narrative can change the world, so I started working in the advertisement industry a couple of years ago, even before I joined the GIK institute. I did this because I was interested in how narrative can change the world.

In addition to being an engineer, I’ve also worked as an entrepreneur, filmmaker, investor, graphic designer, and neuromarketer who is skilled in maintaining effective communication, equilibrium, and control. Almost immediately after I received my degree, the entire world was afflicted with a pandemic, and the circumstances were in no way typical. It was a time when we were able to grumble about being in a difficult circumstance and not obtaining opportunities, or on the other hand producing possibilities for ourselves. The second option is the one I go with. After I moved out of my parents’ home and started my own advertising agency, which I called, I became financially independent. On YouTube, where I’ve also made many videos about the GIK institute, I made short films with the intention of having an impact on young adults. These films received more than one million views and praise from people all over the world. Within the GIK Institute, I initiated this channel. I have experience working with corporations, government agencies, and individual firms all across the world. And if I have the chance to do so, I will endeavour to extend this spirit even further. I’m willing to lend a hand in any manner I can to the GIKIAA and the rest of the GIKI community.

As I have indicated in the past, I believe that following your interests and turning them into a career can help you live a more fulfilled life. My companion and I have come to the conclusion that the students who enrolled in the GIK institute lacked the necessary level of understanding. As a result, we established unofficial Facebook groups with the purpose of guiding candidates directly and assisting them in making the most informed decision possible on the university they will attend and the degree programme they will pursue. Beginning with badge 28, we worked our way up to badge 30. (untill I graduated). We were successful in gathering more than 5,000 pupils, and we counselled 2,000 or more of those students individually. The endeavour was met with resounding success.

I’m working on getting a YouTube channel up and running so that I can give students advice on how to make the most of their lives and careers. I also believe that holding this role will put me in a better position to discuss the aforementioned subjects as an authority figure. I will surely make certain that the EC team meetings are efficiently arranged and documented for action in the future. Will be responsible for the proper maintenance of the organization’s records and administration, as well as the management of internal and external communication and correspondence as required.

Owing to the fact that I am the proprietor of my own advertising agency in Islamabad. I have the luxury of determining my own schedule, and this affords me the opportunity to become a member of GIKIAA. My vision is also supported by GIKIAA, which is why I believe I am the most qualified candidate for this role.


I guide young people toward discovering their calling in life. Through the medium of media, adolescents in developing nations can get an awareness of themselves.

The preceding sentence encapsulates, in its most basic form, the meaning I seek to achieve with my life. I’ve always been interested in learning more about myself so that I can have a deeper understanding of life and become an expert at the art of having a happy existence. I am of the opinion that one should always make their career choice based on their passion, as I believe that this is the best approach to lead a successful, happy, and well-balanced life.

It’s one of my favourite things to discuss, along with self-management, lifestyle, design, digital automation, narrative, neuromarketing, and productivity.

It brings me great joy to motivate other people to achieve more. By the year 2025, I hope to launch an organization that provides career coaching. I feel that this is the answer to the majority of Pakistan’s problems, which will allow the country to advance as a nation.