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Collection and disbursement of Zakat funds is a delicate matter and we take it very seriously. We discussed this matter and it’s nuances in detail with a Mufti and other learned scholars. The basic question we wanted to confirm was if we can use Zakat funds to pay the tuition fee for higher education at a elite institute for eligible students. We have confirmed from all these sources that Zakat funds can be utilized towards paying tuition for higher education even at elite institute if the student is eligible to receive Zakat. We have also obtained a written Fatwa (legal opinion) for the same.
You can view the Fatwa PDF on this link.

There are 54 applicants; most of them zakat eligible. Last year one Gikian alone supported one applicant. This year till now there are 2 such cases. So target appears doable if I consider that we only need 54 such Gikians who with the support of their families and friends can afford to support these 54 applicants. I am sure with 3000 plus graduate, if not 54, we will be able to find a few such alumni members. Rest of us, again with the assistance of our family and friends, can contribute to fill in the remaining amount.

We interviewed all of them i.e. on average 30 min session. That is about 27 hours of effort from each of us who took part in these sessions. We did that so their remains no confusion in our minds regarding the need of these people. 30 min is not that much, but that along with the time spent on reviewing applications, and the supporting documents, has given us enough confidence on genuineness of these application. There may be a case or two where we were tricked but my friends I can say with full conviction that at least 90% cases are genuine. Every minute we have spent is worth it and be assured, as will be every penny you will spend. Please! donate.

Criteria, undergraduate student who has already completed first year of education; Must demonstrate academic achievement; Must demonstrate financial need.

No. Unfortunately incoming freshmen at GIKI cannot qualify for a scholarship through the Alumni Association until they are sophomores or above. We encourage all incoming freshmen to contact the GIKI Scholarship official website at for information on additional scholarship opportunities.

Tuition: Roughly 300k to 350k depending on the batch of the applicant. More info is here: Messing: Roughly 6K.. excluding books, stationary.. Roughly 10k per month inclusive all expanses So you may sponsor tuition fee (655,000 Rs / 4300 USD) or Tuition + Monthly expanses (755,000 Rs / 4,900 USD)

While the largest portion of our members are GIKI alumni, if you’re interested in supporting the university and taking advantage of our unique membership benefits, you’re welcome to join no matter your background.