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Always Notify GIKAA
Regardless of where you are and how you are making the donation, it is important that you notify us so that we can track your transactions for successful completion and provide you a receipt for your records. This information is vital for our record keeping and audit purpose. You should complete the following form for each donation. Please make sure you provide all the required information as best as you can. Don't Forget to Notify us : Click here

Avail Corporate Matching
You can double your donation by availing corporate matching your donations. Please contact your employers and do the due diligence to double the value of your gifts.


ATM or Online Transfer

You may directly deposit this amount to GIK Alumni Association’s account through ATMs or online transfer.

Account Title: GIK Alumni Association
Account Number: 0602-00959342-03

Bank: Habib Bank Limited CDA Civic Center Branch, Islamabad.

Branch Code No: 0602
Swift Code: HABBPKKA 602
IBAN: PK58 HABB 0006020095934203

Bank Phone Nos: +92 (51) 287-5006, 287-5007 & 287-5008

Beneficiary (GIK Alumni Association) Phone Nos:
+92 (323) 599 9999 (GIKAA VP Finance -- Irfan ul Haq Chaudhry)
+92 (332) 444 3337 (GIKAA President -- Junaid Kalim)

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Check or Bank Draft

Mail in a check or bank draft in the name of "GIK Alumni Association" to:

Junaid Kalim
GIK Alumni Association

House 14, Luqman Hakeem Road, Sector G6/3
Islamabad, Pakistan

Overseas (Rest of the world)


Click on below link to donate to GIKI Alumni Association through I-CARE

Click here to donate

You can also use credit card to donate on above link.

Do mention GIKI Alumni Association when donating

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Overseas Online Transfer

International Bank Wire Transfer
You may make a direct wire transfer from your bank account to GIKAA bank account. The details of GIKAA bank account are in the Pakistan section above. Please note that there is normally a charge of 30-40 USD for international transfers, therefore it is NOT a preferred method of donating.

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For Alum outside Pakistan, please get in touch with respective hub coordinators and deposit the donations to the below mentioned accounts.

Please CLICK HERE to find Hub Coordinator of your region