On behalf of the founders, the executive councils, the international co-ordinators and volunteers of GIKI Alumni Association ; Assalam O Alaikum!

I am very excited and motivated to be the new elected President of the GIKI Alumni Association. This association is a family of 5,000+ alumni across the globe. And hence, its a great honour for me to be its president.  I hope and pray that with the support of you all , I serve them well. I have a strong desire to give back value to GIKI as well as its alumni , in view of my four golden years spent there (1993-97).

My brief personal introduction and that of the new Executive Council is given on the hyperlinks below. 

Regarding GIKI-AA , my mission will be to:

1. reach, serve and engage all GIKI alumni and students across the globe to drive engagement, 
networking, funding and mentoring activities.

2. foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the Institute and its Alumni.

3. provide the GIK Institute with goodwill and support.

4. create and influence programs for students that will drive quality of instruction and product from GIKI.

5. offer value to the GIKI from the Alumni in decision making at board, executive, administrative and student level.

6. establish an endowment fund for GIKI.

7. create a fully engaging & relevant online & social media presence of Alumni.

All the support from you in this regard will be highly appreciated and welcomed.

I have created a think thank of alumni, which is working on ‘The Vision, Mission & Road Map’ document of the GIKI-AA.  

Also I am re-organising the international coordinators team into a structured hierarchy with Country/City/Batch wise co-ordinators across the world to reach, connect and facilitate the 5,000+ alumni of GIKI-AA. 

And we are creating new roles, responsibilities and positions in the executive council to run the day to day affairs efficiently and effectively for the GIKI-AA. 

I look forward to your valuable advice, support and prayers. Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Junaid Kalim, Batch 1 , FCSE
GIKI Alumni Association
House 534, Street 33, NPF Housing Scheme, E-11/3,
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000
Cell: +92 332 444 333 7
Email: president.gikiaa@giki.edu.pk